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At sixth grade band orientation, the director took a look at my gangly arms and said, "So, what do you think about trombone?" I played from seventh grade through graduate school, including wind ensembles, jazz band, orchestras, and horn sections throughout my undergrad in music theory and composition and into graduate school. I recently got a little misty talking about how beautiful a trombone choir can sound. No, really.

It was always computers or music, and computers won. I've worked in information technology for over 15 years, in organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. During most of that time, music became a past life, and my trombone sat in a case.

In early 2011, I came to St. Jude as a storage architect on a team responsible for most enterprise and research storage and data protection resources for the hospital. You know that hard drive you have in your computer? We have several thousand, all providing storage infrastructure to St. Jude's researchers and administrators. It is incredibly satisfying to contribute my knowledge and experience to St. Jude's important mission.

In August 2012, I rediscovered tromboning, joined the St. Jude band and have enjoyed playing, writing some horn parts, and lugging heavy PA gear to and fro. It's a fun group of people supporting a great cause.

Career musical highlights include playing bass in a show choir for several thousand South Korean schoolchildren, recording goofball tunes with my friend and college roommate Steve, that time in 1996 when I played a pretty good trombone solo at a party at Rhodes and some girls yelled "woo!", and best of all: singing The Alphabet Song with my son.

James McMurry
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